9 Best Wet and Dry Vacuums for Your Home, Garage or Car 2021

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Wet and dry vacuums, or wet/dry vacs as they are often called, can be a wonderful addition in your garage or workspace. They can collect and separate wet and dry waste, which both have different disposal requirements. They can be more hygienic that regular vacuum cleaners.

But finding the right wet/dry vacuum can be a difficult task, because there's a variety of factors that can influence your decision. Here's a handy buying guide that might help you find the best wet and dry vacuum to meet your requirements this year.

Here's an introduction to 9 of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners you can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best wet dry vacuum cleaner?

When you need to clean something "wet" while keeping something "dry," you'll need a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It's a tool designed for people who work with water (plumbers, painters, cleaners, gardeners) or for people who have pets (dog hair, cat litter, horse manure). However, it's not just the materials it can clean that make it one of the most useful tools in the cleaning trade, check out these reasons why:

It can be really messy to use liquid against liquid and you risk creating more mess than was there in the first place. This is where the idea of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can really make a lot of difference.

Which shop vac has the best suction?

Not all shop vacs are created equally so it is important to consider how much power is needed for your particular use. Standard shop vacs measure their power in air watts, and a shop vac’s airflow isn’t always the best way to measure how well a shop vac will clean. Peak horsepower, which measures how much torque is generated at the motor, indicates how much pressure is generated at the fan tip.

Still, be sure to compare advertised horsepower, especially when comparing shop vacs to wet/dry vacs like the one by Shop-Vac mentioned on this list. This is because a wet/dry vac uses a motorized impeller for suction … not a fan. Because of this, a wet/dry vac is able to generate greater pressure and greater suction than a shop vac. And, depending on the power source, it is also able to generate even more power than a standard shop vac.

How do I choose a wet/dry vac?

With so many wet/dry vacuums on the market, choosing one is no easy task. One of the first things to look at is the motor size; this will give you a general idea of how powerful your new vacuum is. While it can be tempting to go for the most powerful option out there, don’t overlook motor size and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Of course, what can you do with this vacuum is just as important as what the vacuum itself does. Most spaces in the average home have multiple wet/dirty areas, so make sure your new vacuum has at least a few accessories to help you tackle these issues. For example, if you’re not sure you’ll clean up any fireplaces, you don’t have to buy a vacuume that can vacuum up your fire.

Does Dyson have a wet/dry vacuum?

Dyson is best known for its upright vacuums, which work majestically on most surfaces. For folks who need a vacuum with stronger suction, however, a good wet/dry vac is the way to go.

A strong motorized suction system in a vacuum is just what it needs to be useful for tasks like car washing and outdoor cleaning. Dyson doesn’t have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, but they make two tools that are wet/dry vacs anyway. The first is the DC17, which is a handheld vacuum that also includes a lengthy hose for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The second is the DC27, which is a cordless handheld, so there are no worries about plugging it into the wall.


We typically recommend a corded because the corded are more powerful.

The cordless is good for quick cleanups.

Bulldog wet/dry vac is a good product at a good price it has amazing suction that it is quite for a wet/dry vac.

You can purchase B&D’s wet/dry vac at a low price.

You can easily carry the wet/dry vac because it has wheels.

Performance wise it is fine for wet or dry.

Brands that we re recommended are:

  • Motorhead Vacuum
  • VonHaus XXL
  • Garret Vacuum

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