Can Walk In Tubs for Seniors Be Stylish?

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Current Misconceptions About These Walk in Tubs

For Seniors.

They seem to be confined to nursing homes and are not as attractive as regular bathtubs. If you think about it, it is the same reason you wouldn’t prefer to install a wheelchair ramp if you are an able-bodied senior. Secondly, they can be used by people of all ages. That’s right, your senior parents will not be the only ones using it. It could be your grandmother, mid-aged parent or even you. Most walk in bathtubs are extremely safe and can be used by children. They are designed to withstand the weight of a large adult.

Stand Alone Tubs With Sleek Lines and Minimal Approaches

Now, Walk in Bathtubs for seniors seem to be a bit updated and better looking than previous generations of bathtubs. They have minimal approaches and new shapes and are normally made for use in the shower.

Therefore, they maximise the shower space almost eliminating the need for another tub. The bathtub can be used when it’s raining outside. Perhaps you feel too tired to go out and soak in the garden or you don’t want to get your hair wet in the rain. This is when the spa comes in to play.

Or perhaps you simply want to get a hot bath after a long day. Moving from bed to the morning shower, into the kitchen, and beyond can be a major exertion, especially in the cold and wet winter months

Whether you feel the need for a luxury hot tub or a walk-in shower, there are several types and designs that will allow you to soak, relax and clean your body.

Then There are the Baths That Fit Into Units Along a Wall

The bathtub, like many household items, is not a one size fits all deal. There are many kinds of bathtubs. Since the bathing area is as integral a part of the home as the kitchen or living room, it is important to consider the following before opting for a particular design:

Space: Is there sufficient space for installing the bathtub? Check with the local building regulations regarding the minimum size of the bathroom. If space is truly a problem, consider a bath shower with a wide shower opening and large shower head.

Cost: The cost of bathtubs depends on the material used including the acrylic, fiberglass, and solid surface. Acrylic and solid surface bathtubs are long lasting, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs while fiberglass bathtubs are available in sizes, shapes and colors. Bathtubs made of stainless steel or cast iron are available but a little expensive.

Preferred Style: Decide on the style of the bathtub you want. You can opt for a large, deep bathtub or use a whirlpool or an overahanging tub. Make sure you consider the appropriate size of any door or other fixtures. You might also consider selecting a bathtub that you can transfer into a shower stall easily.

Then There is the Design and Paneling or Tiling on the Front

Design is everything when it comes to walk in bathtubs for seniors. The most expensive models are high-end circular designs with jacuzzi jets and an interior shelf for extra assurance. That walk in tub will cost as much as a two-week vacation, so a bathroom remodel is probably netting you more, but there is not a ton of space to give up in most bathrooms.

A fixed or permanently installed walk in bathtub for seniors should be considered if a total bathroom remodel is impossible, so a freestanding model can be a pretty big lifesaver even though not anyone can fit inside.

If a fixed tub is out of the question or not possible due to the layout of the bathroom, a walk in bathtub for seniors is going to be a little easier to work with since it is freestanding and can be moved around the house if necessary.

These units usually come with adjustable hydraulic legs that lock into place, while the legs of the permanent tub are usually not adjustable at all or only can be adjusted a very little amount. For the reason that they are movable, they may be able to be moved to another room if the bathroom is remodeled since they are not set up to be permanently placed.