How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

Carter Marcus
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Robotic pool cleaners are an increasingly popular pool cleaning option. They are essentially little self-propelled machines that automate the process of cleaning pools. They work by gliding along the sides of your pool, picking up dirt and debris from the water’s surface. However, you may be wondering how exactly robotic cleaners work. Here, we’ll take a look at several different ways robotic pool cleaners clean your pool and why robotic pool cleaners are better than their predecessors.

They Are Fully Automatic

Perhaps the best thing about robotic pool cleaners is their automated nature. Once you purchase and set up a robotic pool cleaner, you don’t have to touch the device again. Robotic pool cleaners work automatically to clean your pool completely with little supervision needed. Even though robotic cleaners can get stuck sometimes, they are generally easier to use than earlier systems. The fact that they can clean your pool on their own make them a better option than standard pool filters and above ground pool pumps.

They Are Adaptable to Any Pool Shape and Size

The best pool cleaners also have the ability to customize themselves to clean any type of pool, regardless of their shape or size. Some robotic pool cleaners can even be used in above ground or in-ground pools, providing a quality pool cleaning option to property owners regardless of pool size or type.