Should I Shampoo or Dry Clean my Carpet?

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Carpet Dry Cleaning Methods

Cleaning furniture and carpets with steam is the preferred method when it comes to carpet cleaning. This is the method of choice because it is the method of choice because it removes stains and pre-vacuums the area which prepares the carpet to be cleaned and sanitized. With the use of powerful dyes and solvents, carpet cleaning professionals are able to remove tough dirt and debris while also removing harmful pollutants and germs. Some of the benefits of dry carpet cleaning include:

Eliminates cleanser residue It is impossible to remove all the cleansers after they have dried after they have dried on your carpet. Chemicals that are present in the cleansers can only be eliminated through steam vapor cleaning.

Pre-vacuums the area So, it is important that you find a professional who will use a pro extraction vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris.

Removes germs and bacteria The steam cleaning process will sanitize your carpet and remove harmful pollutants and germs that may be lingering in your carpet.

Reduces allergens Steam cleaning can also help with getting rid of allergens in carpet helping people with allergies with breathing easier.

Carpet Shampooing Methods

There are four basic carpet cleaning methods, and they vary significantly in cost and quality. Let’s take a quick look at these methods, and you’ll have an easier time understanding why a professional carpet cleaning process is a better choice.

The first process is called dry cleaning. With this method, you just give your carpets a quick vacuum and spray some dry cleaning solution on them. The spray adds to detergent in the carpet which works to loosen up dirt and grime in the fibers.

This method is generally inexpensive but ineffective. It simply doesn’t have the power or advanced chemicals to effectively attack and remove tough stains or soil. Because of this, it’s a common option for residential carpet cleaning, but commercial cleaning professionals likely won’t touch it.

The second method, called shampoo carpet cleaning, is a dyer-based process. You’ll get higher results with shampoo carpet cleaning than with dry cleaning because you’re using more powerful chemicals. For this reason, it’s typically more expensive.

Dry cleaning technology has improved significantly since the emergence of shampoo cleaning, so many people will choose this option over a cheaper dry cleaning process. This is the proper way to clean carpeting professionally that’s used in high-end homes.

When to Dry Clean Your Carpets

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When to Shampoo Your Carpets

Rugs, and Upholstery.

There are very few people that do not love carpeting. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of beautifully colored wall to wall carpeting?

Carpeting is an excellent way to add color and character to any room of your home. Having carpeting installed in your home adds value to your home and a warm and comfortable feeling to your family and visitors.

There are several different varieties of carpeting that you can choose from including wool, silk, cotton, and nylon. Manufacturers are always coming out with new styles and fibers that look like they will be here to stay. Since it is a family room, carpeting and rugs should be selected carefully to maintain their appearance.

When to Shampoo Your Carpet

There seems to be a confusion on when you should shampoo your carpet. Carpets are composed of fibers that are held together with either a latex rubber or foam rubber backing. If the carpet is made with latex rubber, then it is a synthetic carpet that is very simple to keep clean. If it is made with foam rubber, the carpet is not synthetic and is more susceptible to being harmed and must be kept clean more often.