Which Dyson Handheld Vacuum Is Right for Me?

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Comparison of the 5 Best Dyson Handheld CordlessVacuums

We’re going to take a look at five different handheld cordless vacuums from Dyson to help make it easier to decide which one is right for you. These vacuums are all fantastic, and they’re all going to work well. While they all look and operate similarly, there are some slight differences to be aware of before making your purchase.

Here’s a quick overview for each one:

Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

If you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road vacuum, then the Dyson V7 Animal might be your best option. While it certainly has enough power for spot-cleaning carpet, it’s also lightweight and compact enough to allow you a fair bit of maneuverability. And, with powerful suction and a good filtration system, it’s also well-suited for cleaning up your home after your dog.

The only downside is that the battery life on the Dyson V7 is a little shorter than some of the others. This is fine if you’re only cleaning the floors of your home, but if you want to be able to vacuum your entire house, you might want to use the other vacuums on this list.

Dyson V6 Trigger Hand Vac

Dyson makes some of the most powerful hand-held vacuums on the market. The V6 Trigger is a lightweight but powerful vacuum that removes dirt and dust with ease from hardwood floors, carpet, and furniture. It has a hygienic Washable True HEPA Filtration System, so if pets are in the home, it is perfect for picking up pet hair. It also removes all the hair and dust bunnies from the upholstery of your car. The motorized brush bar lifts and removes hair from carpets and stairs. The Dyson V6 Trigger can be easily maneuvered and convenient for those with small to medium sized areas to clean. It has the lowest monthly energy costs compared to other vacuums (and noise levels are low as well).

This vacuum has a motorized brush, which helps to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs as well.

This vacuum can be used on low-pile carpets, for example hardwood floors, but not for thick shag carpets.

The filter on the Dyson V6 Trigger is easy to remove and the dirt cup is a snap to empty.

A large filter (motorized brush attachment) and smaller filters (tool attachments, dirt cup, and dust tank) all need to be replaced depending on usage.

Dyson V6 Car and Boat

The Dyson V6 Car and Boat Kit makes vacuuming just about any surface a quick and painless job. When you buy the Dyson V6 Car and Boat Kit, you’ll get the handheld and the extension wand. The V6 Motorhead is a small and lightweight vacuum that’s great for cleaning cars and boats.

Why is the Dyson V6 Car and Boat Kit Different from Other Handheld Vacuums?

This vacuum is designed for the way you use it. Since you’ll be using it to clean a vehicle, the kit includes a crevice tool with a spotter nozzle so you can reach the corners of the car carpet. It’s so lightweight you can vacuum in three complete circles of the car before getting dizzy. The wand attachment also has a spotter nozzle with a wide mouth for reaching under seats and getting out all those pesky pet hair balls.

The extension wand gives you a total reach of 18-feet so you can efficiently vacuum on the steps of a boat.

The other attachments that come with this vacuum make it an all around vacuum. You can use the dusting brush with soft bristles on furniture, and the flat brush allows you to vacuum upholstery.

What are the Specs of the Dyson V6 Car and Boat Kit?

Dyson V6 Mattress Hand Vac

The Dyson V6 Mattress Hand Vac was designed specifically for mattresses and other soft surfaces. It features a soft roller cleaner head to gently remove dust and allergens and an easy one-button release to empty the powerful 0.4 liter bin.

While it has great suction power, it’s not very useful for carpet cleaning. In fact, the manufacturer strongly suggests that the user should not use this product on carpets. However, it’s perfect for hard floors and other smooth and soft surfaces.

The Dyson V6 will fit under furniture such as beds, sofas, and other pieces of furniture without a problem. The head swivels allowing you to switch from hard floors to carpet surfaces with ease.

As the product requires you to push it around, many users find it quite tiring. But on the bright side, it’s extremely lightweight at a mere 2.5 pounds.

It also has a longer, telescopic wand allowing you to reach areas such as underneath or above furniture.

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V6 Top Dog Hand Vac

If you’re looking for a small and friendly handheld vacuum for quick cleaning jobs, then Dyson’s V6 Top Dog Handheld is the most suitable option for you. It comes with an extremely handy tool that can reach into tight spots and remove pet hair with ease. That’s why the V6 Top Dog is considered to be the best handheld vacuum in comparison to other handheld vacuum cleaners.

It boasts having a 2-speed cleaner head, powered by an air turbine blade motor, which gives you powerful suction and strong power. That’s all you need to clean small messes of dirt and debris.

There’s a really handy tool that’s on board that allows you to clean deep into tight cracks and crevices. So you can get all of the dirt and grime out of those hard-to-reach places. Its cyclone technology keeps the dirt trapped inside the vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about messes while you hold the cleaner.

To ensure that you can easily clean all of those hard-to-reach places without having to move obstructive furniture out of the way, the V6 has a 2m long wand to it. This handheld vacuum is versatile and will allow you to comfortably clean all of those hard-to-reach places.

V6 Baby and Child Hand Vac

If you are looking for a handheld vacuum for your baby, this may be the one for you. It is a smaller vacuum designed with your baby’s safety in mind. It has a child lock that prevents the vacuum from turning on while the nozzle is in your baby’s hands. It also has soft bristles that won’t hurt sensitive skin.

As with all Dyson models, this vacuum is high powered and powerful, but will come at a price. People who have used every handheld vacuum on the market claim this is the best handheld vacuum cleaner and is worth the cost. The design makes it easy to reach, and the swivels are great for cleaning toys and underneath the couch. The filter is the Durable HEPA filter, which is easy to clean and is 99.97% effective at blocking allergens.